How to Increase Storage in a Small Bedroom

If you have a small bedroom, you may wonder how on earth you’re ever going to find enough space to store all your belongings – moving to a new house may seem like the only viable solution! Take heart: there are plenty of ways you can increase your storage space, without doing anything drastic.

A small room can feel cosy and it isn’t a major feat to decorate and keep tidy. However, it can be tight for space.

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Wardrobe storage tips

There are many ways you can create more space with careful planning. Although your wardrobe rail may be full, utilise any space on top – a particularly useful place to put things you don’t use very often, where they will be kept clean and tidy.

For the best top of the wardrobe storage, use a sturdy container to pack items such as winter clothes during the summer, for example.

If your wardrobe has a top shelf, which may be inconvenient for everyday use, similarly store items here as well. You can swap the stored items round, such as putting your beach and holiday wear away at the end of the summer season and getting your winter woollies out again, and vice versa.

When you choose a wardrobe combining a hanging rail and drawers, this immediately doubles your storage space, as there’s no space going to waste.


Multi-functional beds

Think of ways to make essential items multi-functional. For example, some modern headboards may double as a small shelving unit. This will create space for personal items such as an alarm clock, reading glasses, books, small plants or other useful items.

Make the most of the space under your bed. If you don’t have a purpose-built divan bed with drawers, invest in underbed storage containers.

A luxury divan base with open storage is the ideal type of bed to use with under-storage boxes. Depending on the amount of available space in your room, divan beds are available in various sizes, from 3ft to 5ft wide.

Providing an ideal spot to store items such as bedding, a spare quilt, towels or clothing that won’t fit in your wardrobe or drawers, the higher your bed, the better – as this frees up even more storage space!


Ottoman beds

Ottoman beds are great storage options, as the lift-up bases allow easy access to hidden storage space underneath. Keep spare bedding, clothing, footwear and other items comfortably and invisibly underneath.

A classically-designed fabric ottoman bed will enhance any bedroom. With strong gas-lifts to access the storage space, there’s no need to struggle, as the bed’s mechanism does it all for you.

You can alter the height of any bed using “risers”, lifting the bed a few more inches off the ground to free up a little more storage space below – riser cups can be purchased from DIY stores or online.


Smaller spaces count!

One of your biggest challenges is finding places to put smaller belongings if the bed takes up most of the floor space. If the bed is particularly large, go for a minimalist look and forego the headboard. This can save you a few extra inches.

Be resourceful and use every bit of space. Even your window ledge can provide extra space for items such as a lamp, a small mirror, photo frames, ornaments and more.

When you want the luxury of a double bed, but fear it will take up most of the room, why not consider a bed settee instead? You can get some very functional bed settees that are also aesthetically pleasing. Enjoy the space to move around during the day, with a sofa in your bedroom, and then convert it to a spacious bed for a good night’s sleep.

If you have any small or oddly-shaped alcoves or cubby holes in your bedroom, don’t let them go to waste. Try a plain black storage bin that’s cheaper and lighter than a trunk to store items in a cubby hole, or on top of the wardrobe.


Airtight storage

If you’re worried that items being stored for a long time might go damp, use airtight storage boxes and trunks. These are ideal for damp area storage for clothes, fabrics, textiles, valuable keepsakes and other important personal items.

Don’t forget the door – fix hooks on the inside of your bedroom door to hang coats, bulkier items of clothing, or a clear plastic shoe organiser.

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