The Bedroom: Stylish and Organised

Your bedroom is the place where you start and end your day, so it’s a good idea to keep it well-organised and stylish. Whether you’re planning to decorate your bedroom, or simply re-organise things a little, it’s nice to change things around from time to time to keep it fresh.

An untidy bedroom can have a negative effect on your mood. Clutter looks unsightly and can make you feel overwhelmed at the thought of tidying it, leaving you ultimately depressed. When you come home to an untidy bedroom, particularly if you’ve had a stressful day at work, you may feel worse than ever.

When the clutter piles up, you may feel it’s impossible to clear it away, leading to despondency. If your workspace is in disarray and then you come home to your bedroom in the same state, this is definitely not good for your health – you feel as though you need to do something, but don’t know where to start. Here are some ideas for keeping a bedroom organised and stylish:

Bedroom furniture


Throw out old clothes

A well-organised wardrobe is at the heart of a tidy bedroom. Blitz the contents, going through your clothes and shoes and throwing out everything that doesn’t fit, or that you haven’t worn for ages. You must be ruthless – don’t kid yourself that the suit you haven’t worn for a couple of years will come back into fashion! Give away any old clothes to charity, if they’re in good condition.


Storing sweaters

Don’t just shove everything back into your wardrobe in a random fashion when you’ve thrown out the old clothes. It will soon end up just as bad as before. Have a plan before you start. For example, fold sweaters and put them on the wardrobe shelves, or in a chest of drawers, rather than hanging them on the rail. Putting them on a hanger can cause the wool to snag, or change the jumpers’ shape.


Have a plan

Choose a system to organise your clothing. For example, hang all the trousers together, put blouses in another area and dresses in a third another. If you wish, you can break them down further – such as into colours, lengths, occasion or season. That way, it will be easier to coordinate an outfit, without having to look through everything. Use high-quality clothes hangers, avoiding wire examples where possible.


Tidy drawers

Keep your drawers tidy by folding everything. This will stop your clothes from getting creased and make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Invest in drawer dividers to separate small items such as socks, underwear, belts or accessories. Don’t squeeze items in too tight, as they will end up so creased they’ll be unwearable. If you’ve run out of drawer space, but your room isn’t large, buy a narrow chest of drawers to fit in a smaller space, expanding upwards, rather than outwards.


Storing shoes

There are many places you can store shoes, instead of letting them pile up on the floor. They can be put on shelves either in your wardrobe, or fixed shelving on your wall – or you could buy a small, free-standing shoe rack and put it in an alcove. A great place to store footwear, or an overflow of any other items, is in the drawers of a divan bed. The space under your bed is often unused, yet it’s great for tucking away items to help keep your room tidy.


Bedside tables

Don’t just dump everything on the chair next to your bed! Invest in a compact bedside unit, comprising a small table-top with drawers, a compact cupboard, or both underneath. You can store all sorts of items such as your mobile phone charger, night-time reading materials such as books and magazines, a jewellery box, your watch, or anything that might otherwise be at risk of getting lost.


Dressing table

There are some wonderful designs for dressing tables, including those with plenty of drawer space for all sorts of items. The surface of the dressing table can look decorative if you stand items on top, such as a small vanity mirror, perfume bottles or a lamp.


Finishing touches

Once the main furniture is organised, don’t forget the finishing touches to make your bedroom complete – efficiency and attractiveness are key here! Maximise wall space by adding clothes hooks for coats and jackets or add a coat rack discreetly in a corner.


Sweet dreams

Let Us Furnish offers a wide range of stylish bedroom packages and bedroom furniture to help keep everything organised. For further information on our high-quality products, please contact us today.

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