Tips for Furnishing Social Housing

Social housing needs to be welcoming and comfortable to cater for the varying needs of its residents. Whether the property is designed for families with children, elderly people and residents with limited mobility, or any other social group, the environment should be homely and safe.

Social housing encompasses a wide demographic of tenants, with their rents linked to local incomes to offer affordable and secure homes. It is provided by the council, landlords registered with the social housing regulator and non-profit organisations, such as housing associations.

Social housing


How many older people live in social housing?

Around 16% of senior citizens today live in social housing, but the number will increase, according to a report published by the Centre for Ageing Better. A growing proportion of UK residents are struggling to afford a mortgage, even in mid-life, due to continual rises in the cost of living.

However, the supply of socially rented housing has been gradually slowing down, leaving more people who can’t afford to get on the housing ladder in private rented accommodation into their later years.

The amount of social housing has decreased by 5% over the past two decades. Tenants aged over 55 in private rented accommodation has more than doubled since 2003, as fewer people have been able to afford to buy their own home. This trend is set to continue.

If you’re a landlord considering investing in buy-to-let properties for social housing, this could be a good time to take the plunge. According to data from the Social Market Foundation, in 20 years’ time, more than 50% of older private renters will be paying rent that is at least 40% of their income. This indicates more social housing will be required to meet their needs.


Value for money and comfort

It can be stressful for people moving into a new home, especially if they have been in their old one for many years. Studies show that being in comfortable and friendly surroundings can help to make tenants feel calm and more in control.

Having the right furniture is crucial for creating a homely atmosphere. Ideally, as a social landlord, you’ll need to source furniture that assures great value for money. However, this shouldn’t mean scrimping on style and comfort.

When decorating and furnishing social housing, many landlords purchase purpose-made furniture from a specialist supplier. This guarantees you’ll meet the needs of tenants with different requirements and expectations.

Furnishing products that are hardwearing, yet stylish and comfortable, are ideal for lower cost rented housing. A furniture package supplier can complete any house by supplying everything from large items such as beds, settees and wardrobes, to smaller home accessories.

Fixed or bespoke packages are available, and you can also benefit from having the furniture delivered and set up – the packaging will be taken away too!


Planning the room layout

Getting the room layout right is also an important factor. It’s not only about choosing the right furniture. For example, consider how much space tenants will need to move about safely, particularly if they are elderly or have limited mobility and are using aids such as walking frames.


Let Us Furnish

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