Who is the finance company?

Let Us furnish has established a relationship with Henry Howard Finance and has a local representative that specifically handles all our cases.

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What is the minimum criteria?

To qualify for the finance you must own the property the furniture is going into, this can either be in your own name or a company name and you are a director.

How much can I borrow?

The minimum amount is £2000.00 excluding VAT.

Over what term is finance available?

Maximum term 3 years, however most customers finance over 2 years.

What are the typical lease costs?

The exact figures will be discussed between you and the finance company who will give you all the relevant finance and administrative costs.

When can I have the furniture?

Prior to delivery the finance company will arrange for the agreement to be signed and paid out.

Are all the payments allowable against tax?

The finance is provided via a standard finance lease so simple answer YES.

Are there any up front fees to pay?

No up front fees – however you will have to pay a documentation of £150 plus vat (its is the same amount regardless of how much you finance) which is collected with your initial deposit. NB this is only payable once the lease is set live and not before.

How much do I have to pay up front?

Depending on your credit between 1 and 3 rentals (Plus doc fee of £150 plus vat)

I am not registered for VAT – does this make a difference?

No – it just means you won’t be able to claim your VAT back on the payments.

How will I know if I am able to get the credit?

Talk with our finance representative – he will run through everything, and answer any questions you may have before proceeding.

Any further questions please feel free to ask.