Contract Grade Beds

  • Atlantis Waterproof Bed

    Atlantis Waterproof Bed

    From £189.00
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  • contract roomset

    Harlech Frame Bed

    From £269.00
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  • Lichfield Frame Bed

    Lichfield Frame Bed

    From £229.00
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  • Montreal Frame Bed

    Montreal Frame Bed

    From £249.00
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  • Toronto Frame Bed

    Toronto Frame Bed

    From £249.00
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  • Contract Steel Gauge Bed

    Warwick Bedframe

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Available in several sizes, including single, 4ft and double, our selection of contract grade beds will fulfil your needs if you’re furnishing commercial premises. Contract beds aren’t just for luxury hotels – they’re also essential for every commercial or educational environment, such as B&Bs, guest houses, student accommodation, holiday camps, boarding schools and hostels.

When you purchase a contract bed, you can be assured that it has been tested to rigorous standards to ensure the safety of your guests. If you own or run any kind of hotel or guest house accommodation, the law requires that you must provide a contract bed.

Of course, you can also enjoy the comfort and quality of a contract bed and mattress in your own home!

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