Zip & Link Beds

A zip and link bed can be either one large bed or two single beds – the variation is achieved by linking bars on the base and zippers on the mattresses that enable the bed to be separated, if and when required. Great for a guest house or at home in the spare room, zip and link beds offer flexibility for your sleeping arrangements.

Assuring superb comfort, they are ideal for sleepers of different weights. Each side of the bed is entirely independent of the other, thus eliminating the “roll together” effect.

With an orthopaedic spring unit that provides ample back support, the Opal orthopaedic zip and link bed is a medium-firm bed for people who prefer a supportive sleeping surface in a traditional décor.

Available in a choice of nine colours to complement your décor, the luxurious Aamira zip and link bed with headboard allows you to split a super king size divan bed into two singles.

The Paris orthopaedic zip and link bed has a sturdy spring design that provides unbeatable stability and durability. Topped with soft layers of polyester cushioning, the mattress offers excellent pressure relief.

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