Care Home Furniture

Let Us Furnish specialises in furniture solutions for care and nursing homes. Tailor-made for the care home sector, our furnishings include special safety-enhancing features.


Dining tables are designed to accommodate wheelchair users and many include safety features, such as rounded corners. With stretcher rails for added strength, our dining chairs include skidded models for manoeuvrability and durability.

Assuring added comfort, high back-support chairs with arms promote easy standing and sitting. A hygiene gap between the back cushion and seat prevents dirt and bacteria from becoming trapped.


A must for improved hygiene in care homes, our easy-clean furniture includes various features such as waterproof and removable cushions; special backrests for lumbar support and comfort; hand-grips to aid standing and sitting; timber frames for stability and strength; easy-clean, removable arm-pads; optional head cushions.


Our bedroom furniture includes ranges with rounded edges to minimise the risks of injury. We offer many different items, finishes and combinations, including a dementia bedroom range.

Let Us Furnish can help with bulk buys, offering UK-wide delivery. Easy to assemble, our furniture can also be installed when required.